Januari 2017

Hi everyone,

I’m in a bit of a rush so this one’s in English. Enjoy.



This week was the lauch of “Är Du här?” at Engsholm slott. It’s always strange to start a new show. I always have so many ideas when I’m creating something new. There are also important questions to be asked such as “What kind of experience do I want my guests to have?”, “What emotions do I want them to feel?”, “What do I want to say?” and of course, “What is the message of the show?”

I had so many ideas for this show that the creative process kind of spiralled out of control. It consumed my every waking moment and I was even dreaming about it too, creating whole routines in my sleep. I dreamt one night of seeing myself on stage holding a cannon ball in one hand and a feather in the other. I then hypnotised the audience and dropped both objects. They were astounded to see the feather drop really quickly and crash onto the stage while the cannon ball drifted slowly and gently downwards.

That isn’t in the show as I can’t change the laws of physics. But I can change how you perceive the world and your own version of reality. So I started to focus on how we process information and how important our senses are to our perceived environment. And the show was born.

I play with the senses and create false realities. I show you how your brain lies to you and how it creates patterns and false realities to keep you sane. I show you how it is in control and how you are not. I overload your brain, confuse and manipulate it and also use it against you. The audience at this show feels slightly confused but very intrigued. “How can this stranger get inside my head so easily and change what I call reality?”

I have also added a routine where I explore ESP – Extra Sensory Perception. Can I make one member of the audience “feel” another persons emotions purely by using their mental powers? It’s an interesting experiment and an interesting way to end a show.

After all, if I can manipulate your sense of reality, change your memories and make you feel someone elses emotions – then what is left of you? You have to ask yourself the question, “Are you here?”