December 2016

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Hi everyone,

Christmas is soon upon us and I’m preparing for all my Christmas shows. BUt I’m also working on a new project for Spring 2017. So have a read and see if it sounds interesting.



Over the years I’ve worked very closely with Engsholm Slott and together we have now decided to offer an exclusive show only available to their guests. You cannot see this show anywhere else.

During Spring 2017, “Är du här?” will be included in Conference packages which include an overnight stay.

The idea of the show is to demonstrate how easy it is to fool the brain and how our own perception of reality is a filtered version of what our brain chooses to tell us. It is responsible for everything you think you know, feel, touch, hear and see. It processes everything and then informs “you” of what you should be paying attention to or what you should be afraid of. All of those irrational fears, your hopes and dreams and your likes and dislikes, are decided for you by a living thing inside your head.

According to a very popular theory of Cognitive psychology, the brain has two systems. System 1 handles the every day running of your body, it makes fast decisions and relies upon previous experience. It is irrational and impulsive and it is often wrong, causing you all sorts of problems.

System 2 is more measured, careful, slow working and is used when we have to actually “think”. If we think too hard, we can actually temporarily disable System 1. For example, if you are out walking System 1 will keep your legs moving. If you then are faced with a very difficult decision or problem to solve, you may find that you suddenly stop moving. System 2 kicks in and System 1 takes a back seat. Hopefully not totally or you might stop breathing!

We are the first animals ever in which System 2 has evolved enough to become aware of System 1. In other words, we know that something else is running the machine without “us” and we struggle to accept this.

“Är du här?” will show you how you are not actually who you think you are. You are in fact…not really there at all.