So, you are curious about Anthony and his work?

Corporate Bookings

Anthony offers two types of corporate experiences – a stage show (of which he has two different variations) or a more informal Cocktail Mingle approach (suitable for pre-dinner drinks, summer parties or any standing occassion).

His most popular stage show for corporate work is his Spirit Theatre show “The Spirit in the Glass” – an old fashioned love letter to the heyday of Victorian spiritualism and seance filled with mystery, supernatural happenings and nervous laughter.

His other corporate stage show is called simply “Mindreading”. In this show, Anthony explains some of the mechanisms at work in Mentalism and through audience participation games and experiments, he gives practical demonstrations of his skills. This show is best enjoyed during the course of a dinner and is split into two sections.

Anthony often restructures and adapts these experiences to match the venue, the group and their expectations. He can perform in English or Swedish, in Sweden or overseas.

About Anthony

Anthony Charles Heads moved from England to Sweden in 2001. He is fluent in 3 languages – English, Swedish and Geordie.

Even as a young child, Anthony was interested in unexplained mysteries and the supernatural. He continues to be fascinated with our fascination of the subject. Despite being a sceptic and an atheist, he established The Stockholm Ghost Walk Company in 2004 because as he puts it, “You don’t have to believe in something in order to enjoy talking about it”.

Magic and psychology have always been two of Anthony’s interests which have now culminated in all of his skills coming together in the mystical artform of Mentalism. As well as writing and performing his own stage shows, Anthony works actively as a consultant for other Mentalists – both in Sweden and abroad who ask for assistance in creating TV and stage work.

He has been a guest and performed on various Swedish national radio stations as well as having a regular column in the American mentalism magazine, Mystic Descendent.

Anthony lives in South Stockholm, together with a very patient wife, two children and lots and lots of tea bags.

Live Tour Dates

Anthony performs his public shows in Swedish. If you want to catch one then check out his current tour schedule HERE.

Contact Anthony

For general enquiries, the easiest way to contact Anthony is to email info [@] He often responds within hours unless he is travelling or performing.

To book tickets for a public performance then please follow the booking link beside each live date in the calendar.